Newtech innovations

Techclus image1Millionaires are made overnight in the 21st century and when any one take a close look at it, it is not from gambling or overnight casino jackpots. It is all traceable to the kind of technologies used in the 21st century. A true saying says “necessity is the mother of all inventions”. These all started after the industrial revolution when men wanted more outputs with little inputs, more energy from little energy, more sounds from very little sounds. The liberation came when men started thinking of replacing man with machines.

Business Machines
A machine can be a device, equipment, or a tool that is moveable or static which can help us to do more work conveniently. Some of these machines can be mechanically, electrically, chemically or manually driven. With the advent of machines, human labour and slavery was more than 70% eliminated. Now, we are talking of business machines like computers, printers, scanners, copiers, and fax machines. With the scope of this article in mind let me narrow our mind to computers and other connectivity that makes it thick.

The greatest inventions ever
The greatest invention of the 21st century is the combination of computer, telephones, and the internet. Around 1822 when the first computer was invented, it was not clear what that machine will become. The next invention was the telephone by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876. These two inventions were not looking like the control hub of the future until late 1960s when the internet was invented.

The internet
With the invention of the internet, the computers and the telephones can be integrated and communicate with one another. The internet is the integrated networks of computers round the globe. After this great breakthrough of integrating computers with telecommunication devices, around 1981 Adam Osborne invented a laptop called ‘Osborne 1’ that cost $1,795 with a small had computer screen built into it.

The Laptop
From the advent of laptops from early 80s till 90s, laptops became very popular due to convenience, portability, flexibility and their overall performance when compared to desktop computers. They have small screen sizes from 13 to 17 inches with great screen resolution. They have a traditional keyboard and a touch-pad for easy navigation. The battery is integrated and last three to five hours when in use before you recharge again. Most new millennium laptops are Wi-Fi and webcam ready which enable wireless internet connection and aids in video chatting over the internet.

Now we are seeing the mind blowing invention after the launch of Microsoft’s Generation X Tablet PC in the year 2002. And in 2010 Apple’s Generation Y, the Apple’s first generation iPads took over the scene. Now the buzz word both in business industries and academic world is Tablets or Smartphones.

The Tablet PC
When laptops came to the technology scene, the laptops were fast replacing the desktop computer but now the tablet pc do not give laptops breathing space for faster replacement. Tablet PC is becoming Show Me Your Device now both in schools and business sectors. Some people even feel inferior nowadays without tablet pc in their hands. When you grab any Apple Tab or Samsung galaxy tab 10.1 latest version, you will have the feel and know why this mobile devices are more addictive than wine.

Tablets are portable mobile PCs with small screen sizes between 7 to 10 inches. It has a virtual keyboard accessed via the touch screen unlike the traditional keyboard for laptops and desktops. The battery life in tablets ranges between 7 to 10 hours of continuous use.With all these in place makes tablets more portable, slimmer and lighter compared to a traditional laptops. Most tabs are connected to the internet via Wi-Fi and most recent tabs supports 3Gand 4G LTE connectivity. This makes tablets more suitable for people using the device for accessing the internet, watching short videos, listening to music, chatting, short message services, and social networking.

Tablets Vs Laptops: which will I go for?
From the review above, let’s quickly compare some advantages of Tablets over Laptops and vice versa.
Advantages of Tablets over laptops:
*Tablets are smaller, convenient, flexible, and portable with screens sizes between 7 to 10 inches compare to traditional laptops with between 13 to 17 inches screen sizes.

*Tablets are lighter and more compact-able without moving parts compare to traditional laptops with fans, moveable USB, DVD and flipping screen of the laptop.

*Tablets uses virtue keyboard and flexible screen touch. Note can be taken on the screen with the screen pen compare to laptop with traditional keyboard.
*Tablets are more flexible to internet and communication. Fully Wi-Fi ready and supports 3G and 4G connectivity compare to traditional laptops that needs communication drivers and peripherals to establish connectivity.

*Tablets use less intensive operating systems and apps instead of programs making start-up times much faster when compared to laptops.

*Tablets can be used as multimedia devices for photographing and video courage unlike laptops that are not flexible for that.

*Tablets are more mobile office compare to bulky laptop in a bag with big charger and extra battery.

*Tablets have a longer battery usage life of 7 to 10 hours compare to traditional laptop of just 3 to 5 hours. Though Lenovo notebooks has overcome this huddles with latest version of Lenovo having 12hours battery capacity.

Advantages of Laptops over Tablets:
Tablets may have so many advantages over laptops when we talk of flexible and mobile works but when it comes to office work and data base, laptop is the machine.

*Laptops have more memory storage space than tablets. Some laptops have up to 8GB RAM (Random Access Memory) and 1TB HDD space compare to tablets of 32GBMicroSDHC and may be 16GB memory card. In this case heavy work like Photoshop, coral draw and massive date base is not for tablets.

*Laptops are better served where bigger screen view is required and considerable amount of typing is needed. Tablets cannot handle such work.

*Laptops are better where external ports like USB, HDMI, SD card slots are required compare to tablets that does not have such provision.

*Laptops are considerably cheaper when compare the capacity with a tablet PC.

I will say your nature of job should determine your choice of devices, if you are both office and field person like me, you can get both laptop and a tablet. I have both laptop and tablet and they are suitable for all my needs.

Though these mobile devices have a lot of advantages but there are lots of health hazard following the use of microwave devices. Their microwaves are very harmful to the brain and chromosomes. Using tablets close to the brain can cause memory failure and hanging it on the waist can sterilize the reproductive chromosomes. On the other hand, these devices has made business easier and produced overnight millionaires. Check my related articles for more on microwave and overnight millionaires.

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