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We are top brand technology company that is into innovations, training, development, and empowerment


We are a Nigeria-based Technology Consultancy Firm started in 2008.

Techclus Global Services Ltd is a New Technology company that is into innovations, Training, Development, and Empowerment. Techclus was a vision founded in October 2008 to set up a Global platform for training and empowerment of entrepreneurs and was incorporated 24th October 2018.

Our Story

We are proud to be your best digital skills provider and new technology consultancy firm

The Training and Development arm of Techclus has given birth to Techclus Mentorship Academy, which has trained well Over One Thousand (1000) persons in Financial Technology, Digital Entrepreneurship and E-commerce Business since its inception.

Our People

Meet the team

Alex Adams

CEO & Founder

Manasseh Obaje

Technical Manager

Ilebaye Blooms Adams

HR & Co-Founder

Benita Owoche

Marketing Executive

Adebayo Agbaje

General Manager

Joachin Nwodo

Webmaster and Social Media Manager

Peggy Ejiga

Customer Success Representative

Adaebo Okala

Personnel Manager


Life at Techclus

This is what makes us unique

We are highly innovative and adjust to technological changes. The world is evolving very fast and our platform is far ahead in the global changes in technology. We moved ahead from commerce to e-commerce, from fiat to blockchain adopting digital currencies and blockchain technology into our system

We have a flexible system where you can reach from any part of the world and acquire knowledge at your own time and pace. We provide all the necessary communication tools for easy access to our support system. 

Our clients satisfaction is our primary objective. 

Having digital skills gives you the opportunity for global impact. Our training gives global opportunity in any industry

Our platform provide you the opportunity to meet new friends round the globe and interact easily with new opportunities.

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