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Designing a Sales Compensation Plan Based on an Unusual Metric

compensation plan.....

A Logistics Company Transforms Its Salesforce and Account Planning Processes

Account planning...

Helping a Midsize ERP Player Compete against the Giants

ERP player compete......

An Energy and Chemical Company Rebuilds Its Technology Foundation



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Becoming part of Techclus Mentorship was a life changing opportunity. Unlike other academy, Techclus Mentorship held me by the hand and showed me a practical step by step as I pass through their program. Today I am a certified Website Master, Blogger and a Digital Marketer, working with big companies in Abuja and freelancing for companies Abroad. Kudos to Coach Alex Adams. God bless you
Joachin Nwedo
Being part of Techlus, is a perfect opportunity for me, one of the best things about Techclus Academy is being part of a diverse team, that consists of different skill backgrounds, across age and gender. This made learning fun and engaging. The Mentorship program lead by the President of Techclus Academy (Mr Alex) provides so much guidance stemming from his years of experience and brilliance. I strongly recommend you take advantage of the Academy's packages, you will learn tech and more
Coach Uduakobong Julia
I got the link about Techclus Mentorship Academy on Facebook 2017 when I have zero background about the Online business. I took my time and located the Abuja Training Centre of the Academy and met a young man by name Alex Adams, I told him I am a grandma in my 60s and I don't know if Online business is for me? He told me that the best business for me then is the Online business. He took me by the hand, help me to carve out my Niche, create my brand and gave me solid Online presence. Today I have multiple streams of income from my Online Business
Augusta Okoiye
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Angel O Israel
What you have to Say....
Okala Adaebo
What you have to say....
Faith Kirean

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