How to Start Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria & What You Need To Know

How to Start Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria & What You Need To Know

If you want to learn the step-by-step process to be successful as an affiliate marketer in Nigeria, then seek no more.

This post will walk you through the step-by-step process to become successful as a beginner in affiliate marketing, and I will also go further to tell you the best place to start as a beginner in the genuine profitable world of affiliate marketing.

If you are looking to be part of an ever-growing and best reoccurring source of income that requires less of your time and runs almost on autopilot, Congratulations because you are in the right place and today is the right time to start.

I will tell you the hidden secrets for successful affiliate marketers in Nigeria and as well as show you some of the time-tested and trusted affiliate programs out there that you can start with today in Nigeria.

Please Note: The difference between affiliate marketing and other sources of passive income is that affiliate marketing will continue to pay you years after you engage in it and you can earn in hard currency. Trust me I am a living testimony.

The reason why affiliate marketers will always be successful if they have the right mentorship and follow the step they learn is that new businesses keep opening every day and the old businesses keep growing globally, that is why the earning will never stop.

Are you ready? Then let’s dive in.

What is Affiliate Marketing And How Does It Work

Affiliate marketing is simply a type of system that helps you earn a commission for every time someone buys a product or service from another company, and the best part of it is that you don’t even have to always be there to make the sale or even carry the product on you in any way, shape or form, or deal with billing and shipping of any sort.

All you have to do is apply for affiliate programs or signup for affiliate marketplace and products, then start pushing traffic to your link and I will also tell you how to do that efficiently without appearing to be a spammer or an internet nuisance.

Now, I want you to think about this for a second, think about doing this for one company that has a tested and trusted product that you know people must buy and continue buying even when you stop trying to sell. Then think about doing this for multiple companies, products or services.

Read on and I will show you the basic step-by-step process and how easy it is. Like I said before, do not worry, there is so much money to be made and you will see why.

Why Is Affiliate Marketing Successful in Nigeria and Even World Wide?

Do you know that based on statistics, Nigeria has one of the biggest markets in Africa both online and offline? 

Take a look at the Piucture below

Africa number of internet users by country

Source: Statista (Picture of Graph of internet users in Nigeria)

Nigeria has over 123 million users online. Keeps in mind that this is only an estimation, it usually goes above that limit but the average is what you are looking at.

With this amount of users, there is no shortage of people to purchase any product or service. 

That is why affiliate marketing has been working since inception and with the continuous growth of online users, the earlier you start the more you are able to get a head start.

If you are reading this article then you are in the right hand because I will go further to tell you where and how to start.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

(Techclus graphic for how affiliate marketing works)

The above picture is a step-by-step description of how affiliate marketing works. The process is simple and straight to the point and the cycle continues as long as you keep going through the process.

Merchant or Product Seller: This is the owner of the product you are looking to promote and sell to your audience. This merchant can be a company or an individual that sells a particular product or service online. 

If they are open to accepting affiliates they will usually display a call to action on their website saying “click here to join our affiliate program”.

Some of these platforms and companies might need you to meet some particular requirements while others will just accept you without any requirements.

You or Affiliate: As you approach these websites to sign up for their affiliate programs you will be given a unique link once you are accepted. Sometimes the link will have your name on it, other times you just have a random link specific to you and the product or services you want to become an affiliate for.

Traffic or Buyers: The specific audience that you show your unique link to is referred to as traffic and also become potential buyers when they eventually pick interest in the product or services that you are affiliated with.

Affiliate Sales:  This refers to the purchases that are done through your unique link that you collected from the merchants you signed up as an affiliate.

Earning Commission: Every sale that is made from your unique link earns you a commission depending on the percentage that goes to affiliates after every sale made.

Please note that some merchants or companies will pay in percentages while others pay an exact amount for every sale.

Types of Commission

There are two major types of commissions that can be paid to affiliates:

Commission Per sale: This is the commission you earn after each sale that is made, it can be a percentage of the cost of goods or services, or it can be a precise amount based on the type of product or services you are an affiliate with.

Reoccurring Commission (Subscriptions): This is the type of commission that you receive after a person subscribes to a particular service. The major catch here is that you get this commission over and over for as long as the customer keeps subscribing. Example: Data Subscription, Light Bill, Cable Subscription. Etc.

Commission And Reoccuring Commission: Now, this is special because when a customer purchases a product or service using your affiliate link you get an affiliate commission and also when they resubscribe for such product and or services you get another added payment. The fun fact is that this can also go on for months or years depending on the type of product that the customer purchases using your affiliate link.

Advantages of Affiliate Marketing

Easy To Carryout: With affiliate marketing, you don’t have to worry about how the product is handled, shipped or delivered to the customer. You also do deal with billing and customer support problems. Your job is to give the link to the audience and let the merchant or company handle the rest.

Growth and Scaling are Easy: It is so easy to scale once you have the right basics and know how to identify what works and what people are in demand of. Also, keep in mind that the lease of what you can be an affiliate to is endless. Scaling is as easy as having multiple product links in precis and targeted places, and in the face of different audiences.

Low Cost To Join: The cost of becoming an affiliate is so low that for most of these companies and platforms you pay absolutely nothing to join and you can continue earning passively without hassle. But, if for any reason you are sure of the program and you decided to pay for more promotion like using ad companies like Facebook and Instagram then that will be an open option for you.

Disadvantages of Affiliate Marketing

You Need Patience: The affiliate market is real and not rocket science and like every good thing will require time to set it up properly and also require patience to learn the ropes. But on the bright side, once you have the right mentorship to show you the right way, then you will see how little effort can pay you for a long time.

You Only Earn commission: It is a commission-based program that allows you to earn only based on the sales of the product and or services.

You Don’t Have Any Control: With affiliate products and services you do not make decisions on how the product is produced or priced and this is why we will show you how to choose the right product and what kind of products to avoid.

Note: To avoid any suffering due to any of the above listed disadvantages or to learn what and how to deal with it, all you need is a mentor and someone who has experienced all this to help you save time and money, you can contact us for proper handheld guidance through you beginner journey in affiliate marketing.

Secret Tip To Success In Affiliate Marketing

Becoming successful in affiliate marketing is actually different from just knowing the basic steps. The actual strategy that will make you succeed is to know exactly how to make sales and the right way to show your unique sales link to your audience that converts and how to build your audience for long term. This is where we can help you.

But here is a tip that separates winners from failure:

Do not go around spamming your links in the face of everyone you see online and on different social media and blogs.

You will damage your chances the more you do that because you will be termed a spammer and the chances of anyone actually picking interest in what you have to sell is very low.

The way to success is to actually provide value, and give people what they need and not what you think they need.

Share reasonable knowledge about how to solve a problem and help people love your content, then you can slowly introduce your link as an option for further success.

The more people that love the value and content and knowledge your share, the more they will trust and give good reviews about your product and that will in turn become sales upon sales depending on how good your product really is.

Don’t worry we will hold you by the hand and show you how to do this the right way for a more efficient result.

Beginners Step To Start Affiliate Business In Nigeria (Step-by-Step)

Here are beginner-step process to follow:

  1. Choose An Affiliate Product or Service to Promote

Ensure to choose a product or services that you like, in this way you are able to choose a product that is more appealing to you and also have the motivation to actually promote it.

You want to also make sure it is something you have a little bit of knowledge about. For example: say you know baby care and how to raise a kid, you can now promote a product that can help raise kids while also teaching people the right way to raise their babes.

There are unlimited things you can talk about.

Some places you can search for such products are affiliate marketplaces like Shareasale, Click bank, Cj Affiliates etc. 

  1. Choose a Traffic Source for Your Affiliate Products Or Services

The next step is to choose a traffic source where you want your links to appear. It is important that you choose a traffic source based on the type of audience you are interested in and will like to reach.

Also, you have the option to run a paid promotion by running ads to a valuable content containing the unique link to your affiliate product. Remember to always give value and build relationships, that way they will always come back to buy more and even refer you to others because they got help from your insight.

Conclusion – Making Money From Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria

The whole story comes to one endpoint, affiliate marketing is here to stay and will keep growing, but only those who have the right guide and implement the right knowledge can benefit from this type of passive income.

With the right mentorship and with experience hangs guiding you, you are sure to make enough passive income for a long time.

Affiliate marketing in Nigeria is only difficult if you are just trying out random methods to see what sticks, this can also work but will take time, also it won’t be the smart way to go at all.

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